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ChurchNEXT ReWire

Discipleship for a New Era

ReWire deepens the Church’s intimacy with Christ and its impact in the world. Over the past 15 years, ReWire has developed and honed a discipleship process for a new era that addresses this need.

We create highly committed missional communities, called Kingdom Outposts to serve as a healing force in the broken places of the world.

At its core, a Kingdom Outpost is a small community of believers who come together and surrender themselves to be part of God’s restoration project in the world. These communities order themselves around a covenant with practices that uphold three core values.

  1. Abiding daily in prayer with God.
  2. Aligning their lives with the subversive values of the King.
  3. Announcing the good news of the Kingdom through word, deed, and power.

Our goal is to have 1000 Kingdom Outposts by 2025

See our website for more details on how God is working to accomplish this through Missional Leader Cohorts, Mission Houses, Beyond and Deep Water courses and more.

About Novo

Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world.

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